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Iowa is becoming increasingly multi-cultural.

At work, in your neighborhood, and at places where you shop, socialize, or worship, you are likely to encounter someone from another culture - someone who looks different, dresses differently, speaks another language, or behaves in an unfamiliar way. You don't want to be unfriendly, but you don't quite know how to interact with them. And chances are, they feel exactly the same way about you.

In these situations, misinformation, prejudice, or fear of the unknown can create barriers that make it difficult for people of different cultures to come together and form relationships.

Indian Dance Lesson

In order to build a society that is powerful enough to grow and change, we need to understand and appreciate the many cultures in our community. Racial and ethnic divisions drain communities of resources and distract us from resolving the key issues we all have in common.

By learning to appreciate and include every culture in our community, we foster the idea that we can each make a unique and positive contribution to society because of - rather than in spite of - our differences.

CultureALL is helping to create a more unified and inclusive community by focusing much of its work on the community members who will shape its future: our children.

Your donation will support our work in providing hands-on, authentic learning experiences that help build understanding and appreciation of world cultures, and prepare Iowans to live and work successfully as members of a global community.

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